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Ride Rwanda

Stage 1

Date: May 2
Start: Kigali (Kigali Arena)
Finish: Rwamagana
Distance: 56 to 115.6km
Level: Intermediate

Start your first stage of Ride Rwanda 2021 from the stunning Kigali Arena, the largest indoor arena in East Africa. Your morning ride will take you through the
beautiful valleys of the eastern part of Rwanda to the small and lovely city of Rwamagana, where you enter the local circuit, which the pro riders tackle 10 times,
whereas you can decide for yourself where to put your finish line.
This district claims to be the country’s cycling capital after producing some of Rwanda’s international cyclists that have won the Tour du Rwanda and other big
regional and international races. After the ride, you can relax and enjoy your afternoon in one of the lakeshore’s hospitality facilities on Lake Muhazi before driving back to Kigali and getting ready for the next stage.

Stage 2

Date: Monday May 3
Start: Kigali
Finish: Huye
Distance: 121 km
Level: Intermediate – Difficult

There is no better place to start an amazing adventure than in the capital city of Kigali!
Since 25 years, Kigali is the Green City in Africa boasting hotel accommodations and road infrastructure that can compete with world-class cities across the globe.
From Kigali, we head south through the country’s historic center to arrive in the epicenter of the ancient Rwandan royal reign. After the ride, you can visit the National Museum. 

Stage 3

Date: Tuesday May 4
Start: Gisakura
Finish: Karongi
Distance: 101.8km
Level: Intermediate – Difficult  

We are taking you off the Tour du Rwanda route and offer you the truly epic experience of cycling the Kivu Belt. We start on the edge of the majestic Nyungwe Rain Forest, and through scenic tea plantation we dive down to the Kivu Lake. We then ride along the shores of the lake through Nyamasheke and Karongi districts, but don’t be fooled: although the lake is always nearby, the roads take the rolling hills inland, good for a beautiful but tough ride.. After this stimulating ride, it’s time for you to unwind, soak up the tranquil vibe, watch the birds and enjoy various watersports and do some community based tourism activities like night fishing experience, traditional pottery, coffee and tea experience and others of your choice.   The next day you will meet again the Tour du Rwanda pro riders in Musanze

Stage 4

Date: Thursday May 5
Start: Rubavu
Finish: Musanze
Distance: 85 km
Level: Easy – Intermediate

 You have the chance to ride a category 1 and 2 climbs on our way to Musanze; the home of Rwanda’s famous Silverback gorillas and
of Rwanda’s National Cycling Team as well a the country’s first UCI Continental Team.
Crowds are always out in large numbers here as cycling is even more popular in Musanze than in the rest of the country. Local fans will line the sides of the 85 km long road in thick rows armed with drums, vuvuzelas, and anything that will make noise to encourage you the best way imaginable.

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