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Twin Lakes Biking
1 Day or 2 Days

These are beautiful lakes located at the base of Mountain Muhabura and close to the border with Uganda. Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo are surrounded by steep hills and large waterfalls with a backdrop of the Virunga volcanic mountains. Burera and Ruhondo are separated by a 1km wide strip of land. Water flows from Lake Burera to Lake Ruhondo. Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera have a combined area surface of 2800 hectare. They are also examples of the lava dammed lakes in east Africa related to the story of their formation. the lake waters look green due to the green vegetation that enclose these water bodies which make it more magical. 

1 Day – Twin Lakes Biking

Option 1

This a day trip of 44 km from Musanze (ruhengeri) Town both with different way riding path. the first 4 km are up hill on tarmac to ward the villages and start our village ride in different plantations with volcanoes views and twin lakes views before descending to the lakes.
for an other experience. lunch to be served at nice peninsula with lake views and volcanoes views. and it’s 30 min boat both ways to reach the peninsula.

Cost: 90$ per Person

NB: the price below are disputable due to group size, 

Option 2

Day tour without lunch and Boat, just bike hire, guiding fees this a 44kms. start from Musanze Town to Twin Lakes with one way path village ride  ride going and back. you don’t need to be a professional to complete this village ride.
We have is in easy and medium ride.

Cost: 55$ per Person  this includes bike plus helmet, water and guide.

NB: the price below are disputable due to group size, 

 2 Days – Twin Lakes Biking


Musanze: starting point at our office down town opposite equity bank.

BureraTwin lakes biking and village Ride, Boat ride in Ruhondo Lake

COST:285 $ Per Person

NB: the price below are disputable due to group size,


Explorer this magnificent volcanic area and green villages. free on your bike
the ride start from Musanze (Ruhengeri) from our office down town heading to the twin lakes.
via Mukungwa river and mpenge water fall. this a long via Ruhondo lake. 
The ride includes up and down but with great views the highest altitude 1200

the lowest 900m.
Total: Distance : 28kms
Surfaces: off Road.
Overnight: Ruhondo Lodge and Camp Site. Located at nice Peninsula .
Starting time:9:00AM

Accommodation Option:

Mid-range: Ruhondo Lodge OR My hill eco logde
Budget: Camping Tents
Meal Plan: Dinner
Journey time:  5 to 6 hours.


 After your breakfast the tour start with a boat ride toward the other side of lake  A boat ride on the fresh waters of Rwanda twin lakes is a complement to Bike Ride in village. also reward travelers with a breath of fresh air spectacular views of the green vegetation and some little birds of the water shores .

Fortunately, the lakes are free from dangerous water animals like crocodiles which assure travelers of their safety on the waters. 

Also, travelers get a chance to interact with local people also riding as they cross to their gardens riding . when getting off the boat we ride to the other lake Burera one of biggest within both lake have the biggest island which hides more interesting stories, us we ride back to Musanze (Ruhengeri)

 Lunch to be served la Paillotte (Musanze Town)
Total: Distance : 22kms
Surfaces: off Road. the last 6 km are on tarmac road
Starting time:9:00AM 
Journey time: 3 to 5hours.

Congo Nile Trail Cycle Packages

The Congo Nile Trail is a trail along Lake Kivu that extends from Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts and ends in Rusizi District. The trail is 215 km in total going through beautiful landscapes of rolling hills and great sights of beautiful waters of Lake Kivu. The entire trek can be completed in 5 days, cyclists can choose to take on only sections of the trail hence do not have to cycle the entire trail. The trail is well-marked and has several stopovers of villages for camping, shops and guesthouses for those who prefer this. The trail primarily follows rocky, dirt roads and new termac road from kibuye(karongi)that wind up and around the numerous hills between Gisenyi via Kamembe. to Rusizi Do not expect a pleasant rural single track – you will be sharing the road with motorcycle traffic and the occasional beer delivery trucks or minibus. There are a few long climbs, you will be ascending and descending between intervals of 1450 and 1800 meters.

Options for 1 day 3 days 4 days Full CnT

4 Days Congo Nile Trail Cycle Gisenyi to Rusizi

Cost:$655 . Per Person

3 Days Cycle Half Congo Nile traiL

GISENYI, VIA BUMBA TO KIBUYE (KARONGITOWN) PATH ONE Follow the world-famous Congo Nile Trail which follows the divide between the vast Nile river water basin and the Congo River water basin. The route takes you along the Lake Kivu from Rubavu (formerly Gisenyi), to Karongi (formerly Kibuye) the waterfall of cyimbiri through rural settlements in the small fishing village of Nkora This 3 days cycle include your mountain bike,helmet,and water together with an English or French speaking cyclist guide, your soft drinks, snakes and picnic lunch while cycling are included together with the guest house on days 1,2 and 3 your evening meal on day 1and 2 are also included. Distance 120km

Cost $350 . Per Person

Congo Nile Trail 2 days Gisenyi to Kibuye(karongi)

this a 2 days cycle with one over night people who don’t have enough time to complete the 3 half days. we recommend this section of one over night in kinunu. 120 kms total distance

Cost:300$ Per Person

1 Day Trip Congo Nile Cycle trail plus Boat

This a day trip of 27 kms distance starting from gisenyi to a small fishing village of nkora . mostly known for its (samaza)small fish via cyimbili waterfalls and have your own local delicious lunch only cooked for you then take boat back to gisenyi. the tours is start with uphill of 1200 alt but end with a down hill and is allong the lake.

Cost:$155 Per person

send us a email if need any details in interested in any of this CNT cycling safaris

NB: the price below are disputable due to group size.

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